PowerPoint Production Services

No matter if you only have hand written notes to describe your presentation or if you already have electronic files that need to be incorporated into your presentation. Our highly specialized PowerPoint graphic design team can translate your comments into powerful presentations that will impress your audience. We typically prepare new presentations following a four step approach:

  • You send your handwritten comments / hand drawn slides or files you would like to be inserted into your presentation to us along with your corporate template and design guidelines (if existing).
  • Our team goes through your presentation requirements, confirms delivery deadline if no capacity has been booked in advance (typically 24 hours) and clarifies potential open points (e.g., unreadable words)
  • Our Powerpoint graphics team creates your presentation, a qualified proof reader check English spelling and validates all requested slides and changes have been implemented.
  • You receive your presentation back from us along with comments / suggestions and can get back to us with additional changes / comments.